Our Construction

Watch us building a modern self storage facility

Our Progress

Watch our progress as we build you a state-of-the-art self storage facility

Stage 1: Dirt work

Here's a look at how quickly the landscape is changing. Things are moving quickly now as our machine operators are moving tons upon tons of dirt to level everything out. Soon we will be able to see the building layout begin to form!

Stage 2: Concrete work

2 Pads of concrete have already been poured and scraped this week! Production is in full swing at site 3.

Stage 3: Taking shape

More progress at site 3. The third concrete pad has been poured and the Pre-Leasing Billboard is up. Join our parking waitlist today!

Stage 4: Post flood

After about a week and a half of constant rain storms, Our guys were able to get back out there and continue the project! Things are looking much different since last time we updated.

Stage 5: First of the Buildings

Clearing the way and starting to erect the first of the building.

Stage 6: We Have Walls

2 of the buildings are getting walls put up and the other structures have concrete drying.

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