Nokē Smart Entry System

Enhanced security for your recreational vehicle

About the Nokē Smart Entry System

Managing facility and unit access from your mobile device.

Northwind Premier RV and Boat Storage is proud to introduce you to the Nokē Smart Entry System. Nokē enhances the security and convenience of our storage facility by managing access to the facility and individual units. 

Never forget your key or roll down your window to open the gate again! All it takes is your smartphone and the Nokē security app.

Easy Setup

Setting up your Nokē access is simple. We will send you a link to download the app and a passcode. Once you download the app, use your phone number and the temporary passcode to create your account and sign in.

Experience premium convenience when accessing our storage facility.

Easy Setup list

How to Use Your Nokē App:

  • Tap on the relevant icon to access the facility gate.

  • The gate will open automatically.

  • If accessing an individual unit, tap the unit’s smart lock to wake it.

  • A red light means locked; A green light means unlocked.

  • Tap the highlighted icon on your Nokē app to unlock the unit.

Grants Access to Family and Friends

Convenient access sharing via digital keys.

If you have other members or your family or friends that need access to your vehicle, you can grant this access yourself via digital keys. Admission is totally in your control, and you can add or remove access as you wish. 

Click on the plus sign in the top right-hand corner of your Smart Entry app and select “Share Unit”!

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Common questions

Our friendly staff has put together a list of answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Does renting a unit with Northwind require a long-term lease?

No, our leases are 30 days or 1-month long.

How tall are your door openings on fully enclosed units?

The door height is 14 ft. when opened all the way. Additionally, the door opening width measures exactly 12 ft., and once inside your unit the interior width measures 14 and 1/2 ft.

What do I need to get my unit rented and ready for use?

After paying for your first month’s rent and security deposit, Northwind will require your signature and additional information on our Rental Agreement. This document along with a copy of your driver’s license and proof of insurance or enrollment in our low-cost policy is required prior to moving into your reserved unit. Northwind will also require a full description of the vehicle being stored, including a photocopy of the vehicle.

Is my homeowner's policy a sufficient form of insurance?

We strongly encourage you to contact your insurance provider directly to confirm your coverage at a storage facility vs. your home. Most homeowner's policies are not sufficient or will not pay out unless you’ve specifically included it in your coverage.